Inclusive School

An inclusive school has

  • children that are likely to enjoy positive mental health
    • stronger self worth and self esteem
    • healthier life choices
    • feel more resilient and robust
  • securer futures
    • make a positive contribution to local community and society
  • fewer incidents of bullying
    • empowered pupils
    • effective restorative justice processes are firmly embedded
    • all staff at all levels are empowered to effectively tackle all forms of bullying
  • higher levels of pupil engagement
    • consistently high levels of pupil achievement
    • pupils more likely to realise their potential
  • strong relationships with parents and carers
    • positive reputation for school in local community
    • over-subscribed school waiting list
    • a happier school workforce

This school is more likely to be judged as “good” or better in an Ofsted inspection.


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